Christmas Markets in Prague 101

I’m sure you’ll agree that the holiday season is a hectic time of the year. Whether you’re trying to end your 2019 with a bang or attempting to find all the items on your gift list before heading to that bright family dinner, things are going to get messy on the last few days of the month!


However, I promise one thing dear reader: nothing will enhance the warm and fuzzy feeling of the holidays more than enjoying the small, yet heartfelt delights brought about by the Christmas markets in Prague.

In this post I’m going to give you the inside scoop on how to successfully market your way through the cold, preferably with a steaming cup of hot wine!

I know what you’re thinking.

You don’t need a guide to show up and walk around the food stalls and the pop-up shops. What you do need though, is to know that buying that bowl of gnocchi, even if it looks and smells yummy, is not a great idea because chances are, it’s cold (true story, I made the mistake). The better choice is the steaming sausage, for example!

Or perhaps you are looking for a sweet treat for that lovely friend of yours? Looking around the market you see plenty of viable options…so what do you choose? The right answer is the chocolate almonds by Prague Chocolate (assuming they like nuts). If you’ve never tried them, run and go get them now. They are the perfect sweet gift and come in beautiful tin boxes. A true delight that you can even try before you buy!

If, perhaps, you are not looking for gifts but rather to have a good time and immerse yourself into the holiday spirit, you must know that the busiest Christmas market in Prague is the one in Old Town Square. Every day, at around 17:00, the massive 24-meter-tall spruce is lit up, and the market becomes lively with shops that sell everything from wood crafts to metal works and foods of all kinds. As always, there’s plenty of offerings of Trdelník (the traditional sweet bread roll covered in sugar, cinnamon and sometimes nuts) but watch out if you want to get one of those full of ice cream because in the Old Town Square these are sometimes a classic tourist trap, and they deceive you with only a small ice cream scoop.

Apart from going to the big markets…

Consider going to the smaller ones too. You will find interesting delicacies like melted grilled cheese served with jelly (in Namesti Miru) or conceptual art and jewelry by local artists (Dyzajn Market Zima near Narodni Divadlo). Remember to bring plenty of cash because chances are a lot of the stalls in these settlements of happiness will not take card.

Regardless of which markets you choose to explore, be sure to get a hot drink to accompany you as you endeavor through the mazes of craft and food shops that are Christmas Markets in Prague. Be prepared to find unusual gifts for your family and friends (or treat yo self), delicious and heavy food to keep you going despite the cold, and sometimes even live music to tie it all beautifully together!




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