Come to Prague and Get Off the Grid with a Phone-Free Tour

Looking to take that much-needed vacation? What about a much-needed vacation from your phone?


For many, it has become difficult to completely switch off from the neverending cycle of news, information, and updates accessible at all times thanks to our smartphones.

On vacation, staying plugged in can be an even greater distraction from what we should be experiencing.

That’s a niche that the new startup Off the Grid is seeking to fill. It offers phone-free tours to destinations around the globe – including Prague.

Off the Grid won’t physically remove your device, but instead offer a pouch for safekeeping and trust guests not to turn it on. They’ll even give you a burner phone to make any necessary calls during your trip. Visitors are encouraged to bring a camera that isn’t connected to their smartphone.

The company offers three levels of difficulty for staying offline: easy mode, where you can check your device once per day at a designated time; hard mode, where you can check it three times total during the trip; and expert mode, where you must stay phone-free for the duration.

Trips are arranged in groups of 10-16. Because the trips are social events where interaction is encouraged, Off the Grid only accepts guests after an application process to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Off the Grid’s phone-free trip to Prague will take place from August 4-13 this year, and costs $1,600 (roughly 33,000 crowns) for the 10-day experience.

Included in the price is ten nights of accommodation, 3+ cultural excursions to Prague Castle and other destinations, 2+ social events, airport transportation, travel guides, breakfast, and on-call staff at all hours.

If you’re already in Prague but keen on the idea, check out some of Off the Grid’s other itinerary. The company also arranges trips to Lisbon, Barcelona, the Croatian coastline, Lima (Peru) and Tulum (Mexico).

Find out more about Off the Grid’s excursions to Prague and other destinations through their official website.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

The versatile Danny Lee has been living in Prague and writing about the Czech capital for the past 15 years. You've probably read his work in the past without even knowing it.
Daniel Lee