LEGO Version of Prague’s Astronomical Clock Seeks Support

via LEGO Ideas / Numido
via LEGO Ideas / Numido

How do LEGO sets go from idea to realization?


Some of the Danish company’s products are physically made outside just of Prague, in one of the largest LEGO factories in the world in Kladno.

But the creative concepts behind some LEGO sets also come from independent designers and fans. At the crowdfunding-like website LEGO Ideas, the company allows amateur designers the opportunity to submit their own proposals to potentially get made into official LEGO sets.

No financial backing is needed: users simply vote on each proposal, and if the design gets 10,000 votes of support, it will be officially submitted to LEGO for approval. While not all designs in the LEGO review process become official sets, the company states that each is given a fair opportunity.

One of the designs currently seeking support has a special Czech connection: it’s a LEGO version of the Prague’s famed Astronomical Clock, complete with tourists admiring it from a cobblestone street.

Submitted by designer Numido, the LEGO clock has a photo-realistic facade and working internal gears that can be hand-cranked to move the dials. Free space in the back of the clock could be used to house a battery pack and make it automated.

The LEGO Astronomical Clock has the same main parts [as the real version in Prague],” Numido’s description states, “a static calendar plate at the bottom, an astrolabe with a rotating face in the middle and windows with a presentation of statues at the top. The movement is done by rotating two cogs at the side of the clock structure.”

“Unlike the actual one, the LEGO Astronomical clock can stand on its own, with cobblestone paving and several tourists in front of it. The back side of the structure is transparent, so the internal mechanism can be seen in action.”

You can vote for the LEGO version of Prague’s Astronomical Clock to become an official set at the LEGO Ideas website, and also check out some other cool submissions from independent designers.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

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