Czech Real Estate Terminology Explained

Whether you’ve just flown into Prague or have been here for over 3 years, the housing descriptions can be pretty tricky and complicated. When looking for a flat, you’ll often come across numbers to describe them as 1+1, 1+kk, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, and so on. Now, how bad is that twist in your brain? What are with these undecoded symbols anyway?


In Western places, you’ll most likely hear a housing unit being referred to as a studio, one bedroom, two bedrooms with two bathrooms, you know how it goes. However, the Czech Republic has a pretty unique way to ‘simplify’ these housing units by condensing them to resemble mathematical terms.

But wait. Hold up and don’t panic, here’s a simple breakdown:

When looking at these numbers, separate them into two parts. The first number and the second after the + symbol. The first number indicates how many rooms are in the flat in total (this includes the living room). The second number after the + symbol indicates how many kitchens there are in the flat. In most cases, there is only one kitchen in the entire flat so it’s common to see a number + 1.

Other times, you’ll see the first number, the + symbol, and kk instead of another number. Kk stands for kuchyňský kout meaning kitchen corner. This means that the kitchen is incorporated into one of the rooms and is not counted as separate. For example, if you have a 3+kk, you’ll have 3 rooms and a kitchen inside one of these rooms.

Quick breakdown:

1+1 — This is a one bedroom and one kitchen which is separate from the other room.

1+kk — This is your classic studio. Kk is for a small kitchen inside the same room. One room with everything in it.

1+0 — This is quite rare, but it does exist. It’s one room without a kitchen or bathroom. I think you can do better.

2+1 — This is a two-room flat and a separated kitchen.

3+1 (4+1, 5+1, …) — The first number just indicates the number of total rooms + the number of separated kitchens (which is usually always one).

We hope this makes your apartment hunting just a little bit easier!