Happy Birthday, National Museum! The Prague Landmark Turns 200 on April 15

via Wikimedia / Carmelo Bayarcal
via Wikimedia / Carmelo Bayarcal

Prague’s National Museum (Národní muzeum) has been undergoing extensive repairs for the past five years, but 2018 is a big year for the venue.


In addition to marking 100 years since the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak state – for which celebrations will take place this October – 2018 also marks the 200 birthday of the iconic local landmark.

On April 15, 1818, the National Museum in Prague officially opened its doors to its first visitors. 200 years, however, and those doors are currently shut. .

That’s because the Museum has been closed to the public since 2011 for extensive repairs that have so far totalled more than 2 billion crowns. The project was initially expected to be completed in 2016, but delays have pushed the deadline back.

Last year, it was hoped that the Museum would be able to open for its 200th birthday on April 15, 2018. But that also didn’t come to fruition; instead, the building is planned to have a partial re-opening in October with a special exhibit commemorating 100 years since the founding of Czechoslovakia.

But this Sunday, there will still be a special program to in Prague to mark 200 years of the city’s National Museum.

While the Museum itself won’t yet be open to visitors, eight other state-run museums in Prague will open free of charge to mark the 200th anniversary of their big brother.

Those include the National Memorial at Vítkov, which currently features a special exhibit celebrating Czech presidents, and the Kinsky Letohrádka, which will open its normally-inaccessible balcony boasting great views of the city.

The The Museum of Natural History in Horní Počernice and Náprstkovo Museum, both of which feature exhibits similar to what the National Museum has long been known for, will also be open for free on Sunday, as will the Czech Museum of Music in Malá Strana.

Check the official website of the National Museum in Prague for more details on this weekend’s celebrations.

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