This Hidden Rooftop Pub Boasts Stunning Views of Prague’s Old Town

At one point or another, I think we’re all on the hunt for a nice restaurant with great city views. What if I told you there’s one located near the city center and is discreetly perched on the rooftop of a mall?


I’ve got one for you and it’s called T-anker.

Right across Palladium shopping center (right outside of Náměstí Republiky metro station) is another shopping mall called Kotva. You can’t miss Kotva because of its stylish exterior and architecture which resembles cubism. It’s sleek, black and geometrically interesting with yellow block letters screaming “Kotva” – can’t miss it.

But now it gets tricky. You will not enter the mall. In fact, you will walk along the left side of the entire building (passing various food stands of pho, tredelnik and sausages – yum). But don’t get too tempted because you want to make your way to the restaurant.

After passing these stands, keep to the left and you will see a small entrance to a stairwell. If you’re the sporty type, go on ahead and trek up five flights until you’ve reached the top. For the folks that are like “nah” to the stairs, take your time and ride the elevator up to the fifth floor. Once you arrive at the top, you’ll see the spacious terrace where you can adore the city view of Prague. It’s truly a breath-taker.

This spot is also pretty great for your casual beer tasting. They usually have at least 12 beers on their beer list, as well with having a daily rotating beer menu to choose from. Although quite pricey (around 60-99 CZK for a half liter), I think you’re really paying for the luxury of being able to have an incredible view.

A great place for dates, catching up with old friends, taking out your camera and photographing the city and even for working online (recommended between 2-4pm when it’s nearly empty).

All the information you need is on T-anker’s official website.