Into the Fall: Events for October 5th-11th

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Disclaimer: These events are planned for this week but might be cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19. Please, follow the rules established at the entrance or on the websites of the events. Take care!

Tuesday: 06/10

Quiz Night at Globe Cafe starting at 7:30pm


What’s a 3-letter word to describe a feeling of happiness? Mr.Trebek, what is JOY. If you’re an avid Jeopardy watcher and have always wanted to test your common knowledge in a way that will crown you a winner if you succeed, then this Quiz night at the Globe BookStore and Cafe is the perfect place for you this Tuesday. They’ll test your knowledge on recent events, and even dive into industry knowledge and film, so make sure to bring your A-game!

Wednesday – Sunday: 07 – 11/10

Designblok 2020 at St.Gabriel’s Monastery starting at 10:00am

This year’s annual designer festival is boasting 350 exhibitions across a safely-spaced renovated monastery. With an enormous variety of national and international designers, enjoy walking through 5 floors of different layouts, period pieces, and catered environments that seek to pique your curiosity and amazement.Time is running out however to book your tickets, so check out what sections are available now on their website above.

Thursday: 08/10

Smartphone MiniFilm Festival at BIO | OKO starting at 8:30pm

This amateur film festival set out a call for short films (or clips, rather) filmed completely on a smartphone and will be streaming the best 10 of them this Thursday. The audience will help give out awards, and the clips will be complemented by fake movie trailers preempting the screening. This unconventional event is a passionate director’s galore, and will surely delight any indie movie lover.

Thursday – Sunday: 08 – 11/10

WINEfesto at ManifestoMarket starting at 11:00am

“Save Water. Drink Wine!”. If that doesn’t give enough reason for you to partake in this wine festival at Manifesto Market this weekend, I don’t know what would. Enjoy a collection of European and Argentine wines prepared by their sommelier and become enchanted with red wine this Autumn.

Saturday: 10/10

VeganGrill at Naplavka starting at 8:00am

I’ll admit, I may have packed on a few kilos this quarantine season. And even after making up for lost time during this gorgeous (but all too short) summer, as restrictions resurface it’s time to learn how to diet appropriately. And there’s nothing like enjoying healthy food from professionals – and that’s exactly what you can do this Saturday by the river. Dive into the far-side of starting your nutritious diet and let VeganGrill show you how it is done.

Kid-Friendly: Pumpkin Carving and Animal Commentary at Prague Zoo starting at 1:00pm

The Prague Zoo is one of the most top rated zoos in Europe – but if you need an even better reason to go, then this halloween-themed event is it. Featuring a pumpkin carving and kite-flying that’s entirely kid oriented, you can catch a showcase with meerkats and camels that will feature commentary for the adults. It’s time to enjoy this beautiful park before the colder side of Autumn starts to show itself

Sunday: 11/10

FleaMarket at MeetFactory starting at 12:00

It’s time to scour for deals while shopping sustainably and against fast fashion once again at MeetFactory. Check out the link above to see the massive amount of stands that will be present and also learn how you can set up your own table.

Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
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As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.