Journey Back to the Middle Ages at a Czech Medieval Tournament or Battle Reenactment

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A medieval tournament is popular entertainment for many, as are reenactments of various battles. If it pits one group of people against another group, it’s going to draw crowds. The Czech Republic has several such tournaments and reenactments, as seen below.


Bitva Libušín

This reenactment, which includes approximately 2,000 participants, has been going strong since the early ‘90s. It is said to be the largest such tournament in the Czech Republic, with some reenactors coming from the United States. Other forms of entertainment include musical performances, falconers explaining falconry, handicrafts, and a historic market. Items for sale are replicas of items sold in the 10th century through the 15th century. A children’s corner is available for the young ones.

Admission to the entire event: 150 crowns for adults, 100 crowns for children of a minimum height of 120 centimeters and a maximum age of 15, 400 crowns for a family ticket (a maximum of two adults and four children up to 15 years of age), and free of charge for children below the age of 15 and shorter than 120 centimeters.

Dĕtenice Chateau

Located northeast of Prague, in the Hradec Králové region, Dĕtenice offers tournaments in July and August, every day except Monday. Armored knights fight one another on horseback and on foot.

Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations

This is an all-out historical extravaganza. Concerts are given, feasts laid out, artisanal handicrafts offered, and children’s games presented. This year’s festival will be held June 16, 17, and 18. (The English website states, erroneously, that the festival dates are June 16 and 17, and July 18; the Czech version gives the correct dates.)

Visitors to the festival who are staying in the city center can take part in the festival without having to buy a ticket. Any attendees in period costume will also enter free of charge, as will children up to the age of 10. For the rest, an adult ticket is 200 crowns for a one-day ticket on Friday, and 300 crowns for a one-day ticket on Saturday. A two-day ticket will cost 300 crowns. A ticket for a child above the age of 10 is 75 crowns. Groups pay 250 crowns, though if the group consists of more than 10 people, a special ticket will have to be arranged in advance. Students holding an ISIC/ITIC card pay 100 crowns.

The Battle of Austerlitz

This is a very big one indeed – hardly surprising, given the fact that the original battle was so large. The website contains a wide variety of information in English about past reenactments, but none as yet on this year’s offering. (The Czech version, however, does have such information.) Napoleonic Days, part of the overall event, features reenactors in period costume, carrying period weapons. The English version of the website provides some information on villages on and around the battlefield here. The past and present of these villages is given, with helpful information on things to see and do in the area.

Erin Naillon

Erin Naillon

I am an American living and working in Prague. I freelance in various areas, including photography/film, voice work, and, of course, writing.
Erin Naillon
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I am an American living and working in Prague. I freelance in various areas, including photography/film, voice work, and, of course, writing.