Is Krymská Still the Coolest Street in Prague?

Korso Krymská 2016 via Flickr / Ondrej Pospisil

In 2015, Prague’s Krymská street was something of a surprise pick in the New York Times’ list of their 12 favorite streets in Europe.


If you haven’t yet heard or experienced it for yourself, Krymská used to be the street that united all unique, intellectual and trendy individuals (aka your neighborhood friendly hipsters) in one place. It used to be the go-to street to scout out new underground music and get a drink at any of the non-stop bars.

Krymská street is located in the district of Vršovice, where many new young creative folks, young entrepreneurs and activists reside. This in turn has added some zest and spiced up the neighborhood. Bars and nightlife tried to keep up and to cater to these individuals.

However, in 2014, laws were passed that brought a lot of the hype to an abrupt end (sort of). Live music was banned from playing past 22:00 and the non-stop bars in the area have been told to close at 03:00 because it is still in fact a residential area.

With these new laws in place, things have calmed down quite a bit, but things are far from being dead. This is definitely a creative scene spot that will do whatever it takes to keep the vibe going. Basement Bar, just a few meters from Krymská is providing the district with live performances and tempting boozy drinks.

Other popular establishments on or around Krymská include the Czech Inn hostel, yoga studio Jóga Krymská, and hangouts like Bad Flash BarCafé V lese, and the cider-only InCider Bar.

And on top of everything else, Krymská holds an annual street festival every year in May. Hundreds of expats, tourists and locals gather and walk the streets of Krymská to get a feel for the area. Many local businesses set up stands and feature their products or edibles, while others put on theatre performances, exhibitions, urban dances, workshops, alongside some bars and cafes.

Here’s video of the festival from 2015:

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This year, the Korso Krymská fest took place on May 20. Were you there? If not, be sure to come back next year!