Manifesto Opens For Spring With One-Stop Shop Delivery Service From 8 Vendors Due To Quarantine.

If things out there were normal right now, we’d probably all be headed out to Manifesto Market on the weekends to enjoy some of their delicious food and drink… but things are far from normal. 


Fortunately the good people at Manifesto have figured out a way for us all to enjoy what they’re offering right from the comfort and safety of our homes! The answer?

Right now (the service started on the 19th), you can place a delivery order via Uber Eats and get a variety of food delivered to your door… and the best part is, you can order a sampling from each vendor in what Manifesto (in cooperation with Uber) are calling a “bundled delivery.” 

Participating vendors from the Florenc location include Chicko Chicken with their delicious wings and nuggets, Fuego Wild Diner with savory, delicious steaks, Flying Pot’s freshly prepared pasta, Alebrijes Cocina Mexicana delicious, traditional Mexican cuisine, The Craft Burger Spot (you may already know these guys… they do burgers right), Dirty Dog Barbeque, serving amazing hot links and brisket, The Hummus Bar serving their veggie/vegan special, and Nebu Tandoori Grill’s pan Asian cuisine prepared by master chef’s! That’s a lot of options!

Image courtesy of Fuego Wild Diner and Manifesto.
Image courtesy of Chicko Chicken and Manifesto.
Image courtesy of Craft Burger and Manifesto.
Image courtesy of Flying Pot and Manifesto.
Image courtesy of Nebi Tandoori Grill and Manifesto.

How It Works

Uber Eats users will find all the food selection under “Manifesto Delivery” label in their app. As of now, menus from as many as eight restaurants will be offered under one umbrella. The delivery fee is 49 CZK and they promise to deliver within 30 minutes to destinations located up to 3 km from Manifesto Florenc. Uber Eats couriers will offer a contactless delivery option. 

Statement from Manifesto

In a statement on their site ( the owners had this to say: 

“These are very heavy times for everyone. We are calmly waiting for the time when things will get back to normal. We know we have to be disciplined and cautious. Wash hands and protect ourselves. At Manifesto, we also want to protect all of our staff members. 250+ people found jobs, started businesses and make their living at Manifesto. They used to make food with a smile, rain and shine, in cold days, weekends, long hours, late nights. While we are also afraid of this public health crisis, we are cautious about everyone keeping jobs. We support all our restaurants who want to make food for food delivery or takeaway. Small business owners and their employees need to keep going in good times and tough times. Otherwise, the real apocalypse will hit us after the virus subsides. Nobody wants a city where many ‘Closed’ signs will become permanent. No one wants their favorite establishments to shut down, or see friends lose their jobs. We will always fight, side-by-side with our merchants to help them keep their kitchens active with good food cooking. We all want our lives, streets and cities back to normal. Moving forward in solidarity with all our magnificent team and merchants, which made this place loved by so many of you. Every order from Manifesto is a sign of solidarity with Manifesto. Thank you for your support.”

I don’t know about you, but I plan to place an order soon. There’re just too many excellent options and I don’t know about you, but my creativity in the kitchen is running low. 

How are you dealing with the quarantine? Did some of the images in this article make your mouth water? Let us know in the comments!

Shaun O'Banion

Shaun O'Banion

Shaun O'Banion is a Gotham Award-winning independent film producer, writer, and teacher who has been living and working in Prague since 2015.
Shaun O'Banion
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Shaun O'Banion is a Gotham Award-winning independent film producer, writer, and teacher who has been living and working in Prague since 2015.