Prague Could Get Cable Car Between Dejvice and Bohnice

Cable car in La Paz, Bolivia via Wikimedia / Marco Ebreo
Cable car in La Paz, Bolivia via Wikimedia / Marco Ebreo

The Prague districts of Dejvice and Bohnice are just a stone’s throw from each other, with Troja and the popular Prague Zoo in-between. But separated by the Vltava river without a bridge, they’ve long lacked an easy route between them.


While there are currently two ferries that take passengers across the banks of the Vltava from Podbaby in Prague 6 to Troja in Prague 7, their limited operation means they aren’t always a reliable method of transportation for most.

For many travellers on Prague’s public transportation, a trip between the nearby districts means travelling through the city center in the opposite direction, changing metro lines, and finishing what might be an hour-long journey by bus.

But the two districts have long sought an easier route between them, and according to Blesk, councillors are currently meeting to find a solution.

One of the proposals is an unusual one: a cable car that would take passengers above the city, with a stop in-between Dejvice and Bohnice at Prague Zoo. The Zoo is currently home to Prague’s only other cable car, albeit one on a much smaller scale.

Unlike the popular funicular that brings passengers up Petřín Hill in central Prague, the distance and terrain between the two districts would necessitate an elevated mode of transport. City councillors compare it to the cable car that was recently erected in La Paz, Bolivia (pictured above).

And it has a lot of support.

“Prague 6 needs a permanent connection between Dejvice and Bohnice, and the cableway would not only be attractive but easy to build,” TOP 09’s Eva Smutná told Blesk.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be in the range of one billion crowns.

Last week, councillors met to discuss the possibilities of implementation, with four variants being proposed. Most of them start in Podbaba, north of Dejvice on the banks of the Vltava, and would carry passengers above Prague Zoo into Bohnice, with a potential stop at the Zoo itself.

While the project is only in the planning phase, preliminary agreements have already been reached with Prague’s public transport company and the districts themselves.

Should everything go according to plan, it’s conceivable that Prague with have an operational cable car between the two districts within the next few years.

Daniel Lee

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