Prague Man Attempts to Rob Gun Store with Knife, is Shot and Killed

Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo

An incident at a Prague gun store yesterday morning has left one man dead and another in the hospital.


At around 11:00 on Monday, July 24, police responded to a report of an alleged robbery and shooting at a gun store on Opletalova street in central Prague, around the corner from Wenceslas Square.

According to information from witnesses, the alleged thief attacked the owner of the gun store with a knife.

But the owner’s wife quickly intervened by shooting the attacker. Both men were hospitalized, and the attacker later died from his injuries.

The 43-year-old owner has serious injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening, according to Motol Hospital.

Police closed Opletalova street while the scene was active yesterday afternoon, as armed guards patrolled the area.

“We treated one man with a stab wound, and another with a shotgun wound who was in cardiac arrest,” rescue worker Jan Poštová told

Later in the evening, police confirmed that the suspected attacker, aged 31, had succumbed to his injuries.

The investigation is still open as police determine what exactly transpired, and whether or not charges will be filed.

On Tuesday afternoon, police announced that the clerk who shot the robber had acted in self-defense. The attacker had a criminal history and “violent character”, according to a police spokesperson.

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