Prague Ranks as the World’s 3rd-Cheapest City for Nightlife

Where are the world’s best (and most affordable) cities for a night out on the town?


Travel accommodation website HomeToGo recently compared the cost of a night out in 50 cities across the world, and Prague came out as one of the cheapest.

After narrowing down hundreds of cities across the world based on number of nightlife venues and events, HomeToGo contacted five clubs across the remaining 50 cities to come up with an average cover fee.

On top of that, they added in the average cost of a domestic beer (12 ounces, or .33 liters), long drink (gin and tonic) and shot (1 ounce of vodka).

Cape Town in South Africa led the list of affordable cities for a night out at the total cost of just $15.83 (335 crowns) for all of the above.

According to HomeToGo, the average cover charge in a Prague club runs $14.58; at about 300 crowns, that seems a little high, though tourist-focused venue Karlovy lázně does indeed charge a 250-crown entrance.

Alternative: check out Lucerna Music Bar’s popular 80s & 90s night on the weekend for a 100 crown cover.

And while Prague has some of the cheapest beer in the world, don’t expect to find much of it at the city’s late-night music clubs: the average .33l bottle runs $2.67 according to HomeToGo, or roughly 55 crowns.

An average cocktail at a Prague goes for $5.35 (110 crowns) and the average shot for $3.40 (70 crowns), bringing the total for a night out and three assorted alcoholic drinks to $26.00 (550 crowns).

That’s more than $10 more than Cape Town, according to HomeToGo, but it’s still good for 3rd-cheapest among the 50 cities surveyed, coming in behind Warsaw ($18.53) and edging out Calgary ($26.16) and Edinburgh ($26.95).

The world’s most expensive cities for a night out? Ibiza ($105.79), Las Vegas ($75), New York ($61), Zurich ($59.07), and Miami ($57.50).

These are the world’s cheapest 15 major cities for nightlife, according to HomeToGo:

1. Cape Town, South Africa ($15.83)
2. Warsaw, Poland ($18.53)
3. Prague, Czech Republic ($26.00)
4. Calgary, Canada ($26.16)
5. Edinburgh,United Kingdom (26.95)
6. São Paulo, Brazil ($28.02)
7. Leipzig, Germany (28.30)
8. Perth, Australia ($28.64)
9. Hamburg, Germany ($28.91)
10. Tampa, USA ($30.00)
11. Glasgow, United Kingdom ($30.36)
12. Austin, USA ($30.50)
13. Leeds, UK ($30.50)
14. Brisbane, Australia ($30.58)
15. Adelaide, Australia ($30.98)

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

The versatile Danny Lee has been living in Prague and writing about the Czech capital for the past 15 years. You've probably read his work in the past without even knowing it.
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