Prague’s Grévin Wax Museum Closes its Doors

via Grévin Praha
via Grévin Praha

Prague’s Grévin Wax Museum has closed its doors after nearly four years of operation, the company announced today in an official statement.


Grévin quickly inserted itself into the public consciousness after opening in May 2014 with an innovative marketing campaign that placed its wax figures beside Prague landmarks.

It was a bright spot on Prague’s tourist-trafficked Celetná streets, with visitors often stopping by the lobby to take photos with the wax figures on outer display.

Apparently, not enough visitors bought a ticket to walk through the museum proper. In an official statement on its website, the Museum attributed high operating costs and financial losses to its closure.

“The Grévin Praha Wax Museum announces its closure on 6 March 2018 after operating in the Czech entertainment industry since 2014,” the website states.

“In its four years of activity, it has achieved excellent rankings on all websites (Tripadvisor, Slevomat, Facebook, etc.). Nevertheless, despite year-on-year increases in visitor numbers and improved financial results, this prolific project did not achieve a balanced budget due to its high operating costs.”

“Despite the improving results of last year’s fiscal year and the efforts of the Prague team, which brought about a significant increase in awareness of the brand, they were not able to prevent recurring losses.”

If you’ve bought advanced tickets to the museum and have yet to redeem them, they can be returned for a full refund at the Grévin box office on Celetná through the end of March, daily from 10:00 – 17:00.

While the Grévin Wax Museum is now permanently closed, if you’d like to see wax figures in Prague you still have options. Madame Tussauds Prague is still open, though the Grévin museum had been more favorably reviewed.

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