Prague’s Luna Park Ferris Wheel to be Removed

Via Wikimedia / ŠJů
Via Wikimedia / ŠJů

Late last year, it was announced that a planned 60-meter-tall ferris wheel would not be coming to Prague 5 after investors failed to obtain a building permit.


Now, Prague will be down one more ferris wheel: the iconic ride that has stood at Prague 7’s Výstaviště Exhibition Grounds for more than 35 years.

While rides and other assorted carnival fare descend upon the Expo Grounds’ famed Luna Park every spring, some of the attractions remain in Prague year-round.

Since 1981, two of those attractions have been the 35-meter tall tall ferris wheel and a large roller coaster, notable landmarks for anyone who attends a sporting event, concert, or trade show in the area.

But due to renovations of the exhibition grounds starting this year, those two attractions will soon be dismantled and removed.

“The ferris wheel will leave from Prague to Poland, where it will be run by other owners,” Jan Kočka, the operator of the ferris wheel, told

“Its dismantling will take place in the coming days. It needs to be dismantled by a crane, it is quite demanding.”

The announcement that the ferris wheel would be dismantled and removed last week came as a surprise to many; a pro-ferris wheel Facebook group was set up in a last-minute effort to preserve the attraction, but city planners were unwavered.

Prague’s Výstaviště Exhibition Grounds will be undergoing an extensive transformation in the coming years that will see the area split into five major “zones”: cultural, commercial, relaxation, sport, and entertainment.

The renovations still include the popular Matějská pouť fair that descends upon the location every spring, so visitors can still look forward to the carnival atmosphere next year. By then, however, the ferris wheel and roller coaster will be a mere memory.

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