Prague’s Muzeum Metro Station to Close for 4 Upcoming Weekends

via Wikimedia / Jorge Royan
via Wikimedia / Jorge Royan

PSA: Prague’s Muzeum metro station on the green Line A will be completely closed for repairs over four upcoming weekends this spring & summer.


For the past half-year, the Muzeum station on Line A in the one direction has been closed, meaning trains pass through without stopping. Currently, passengers need to travel an extra stop to Můstek and come back in the opposite direction to get to Muzeum.

But starting tomorrow and continuing for three additional weekends this year, the Muzeum metro station on Line A will be closed in both directions.

If you’re on the A line and absolutely, positively need to get to Muzeum by metro from Line A, you’ll need to switch to Line B at Můstek, travel to Florenc, switch to Line C, and head back to Muzeum.

Of course, it will be much easier to simply get out at the Můstek or Náměstí Míru station and walk up (or down) to Muzeum.

Additional weekends that the Muzeum station will be closed this year are May 12-13, June 23-24, and July 21-22.

From May 21, however, the Muzeum station on Line A is expected to open in both directions during weekdays and most weekends.

Along with the Muzeum metro station closure, additional tram disruptions are planned for this weekend and upcoming dates.

Starting tomorrow, a replacement bus will take passengers through the city center on various routes. Check the official DPP website for full details and updates.

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