Prague’s Nádraží Veleslavin Metro Station Escalators to Debut Next Week

Exactly three years ago today, four new lines on Prague’s metro line A were unveiled to the public, bringing metro passengers closer to the airport than they had ever come before.


Previously, a bus took passengers from the Dejvická station, the previous final stop on the green line, to Václav Havel Airport. But from April 6, 2015, the bus would leave from the new Nádraží Veleslavin station, which was closer to the airport.

Only problem: the new station didn’t have escalators, meaning those travelling with suitcases would have to lug them up the stairs.

To assist passengers travelling to Prague’s airport, the city has employed porters to help those who needed assistance with luggage over the last three years.

But last year, it was announced that escalators were finally coming to Nádraží Veleslavin.

And on Friday, April 13, the new escalators will finally be unveiled to the public after a day of testing on Thursday the 12th.

There is, of course, one catch. The new escalators at Nádraží Veleslavin are 30% thinner than the standard width of escalators across Prague’s metro system.

That means you won’t be able to squeeze by someone ahead of you to walk up the escalator. And if you’re travelling with suitcases, we hope they’re not too wide or bulky.

The Nádraží Veleslavin station is not the only Prague metro station to get new escalators this year; escalators at the well-trafficked Anděl and Náměstí Republiky stations are also being replaced at the moment, and Karlovo Náměstí is next on the schedule.

While Prague’s metro system is expected to expand to the airport in the future, it’s at least a decade away from realization.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

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Daniel Lee