Prague’s Václav Havel Airport Among Europe’s Most Convenient

via Wikimedia / Karelj
via Wikimedia / Karelj

In London, a transfer from Gatwick Airport into the city will take around half an hour by train and cost you $26.85 (nearly 600 CZK).


In Frankfurt, the journey will take a whopping 85 minutes – longer than many flights within Europe – and run $16.68 (365 CZK).

But in Prague, a bus ride from Václav Havel Airport into the city center will only take about 15 minutes, for the cost of a mere 24 CZK ($1.10) 30-minute public transport ticket.

That’s good enough for the Czech capital’s airport to rank among the top ten most convenient airports in Europe, according to a list compiled by international news server CNN using data from GoEuro.

While CNN’s methodology was not revealed, Václav Havel Airport comes in at number 8 in their list of most convenient airport transfers going by travel time into the city center and cost of the journey.

With a travel time of 15 minutes into the city center, only a handful of other airports boast a quicker journey. Nice Côte d’Azur Airport in France tops the list with an incredible 5-minute time.

And at that mere 24 CZK ($1.10), the cost from Václav Havel Airport is by far the cheapest among CNN’s top 10. Spain’s Lanzarote ($1.67, or 37 CZK) and Málaga-Costa del Sol ($2.14, or 47 CZK) come in next.

Of course, a taxi ride from the Prague airport will cost you significantly more (around 500 CZK) – even if you avoid the city’s notoriously unscrupulous cabbies that prey upon tourists.

What are Europe’s other convenient airports? Here’s CNN’s top 10:

1. Nice Côte d’Azur, France: 5-minute transfer from $2.15 (4 miles)
2. Lanzarote, Spain: 10-minute transfer from $1.67 (4 miles)
3. Birmingham, UK: 9-minute transfer from $3.91 (6 miles)
4. Málaga-Costa del Sol, Spain: 12-minute transfer from $2.14 (4 miles)
5. Frankfurt, Germany: 10-minute transfer from $5.72 (7 miles)
6. Nuremberg, Germany: 12-minute transfer from $3.57 (6 miles)
7. Cologne Bonn, Germany: 13-minute transfer from $2.86 (9 miles)
8. Prague, Czech Republic: 15-minute transfer from $1.07 (9 miles)
9. Leipzig-Halle, Germany: 13-minute transfer from $5.36 (12 miles)
10. Amsterdam Schiphol, Netherlands: 14-minute transfer from $5.01 (12 miles)

And their bottom 10 selections:

1. London-Gatwick, UK: 30-minute transfer from $26.85 (28 miles)
2. London-Luton, UK: 60-minute transfer from $24.29 (35 miles)
3. Frankfurt-Hahn, Germany: 85-minute transfer from $16.68 (78 miles)
4. London-Stansted, UK: 60-minute transfer from $22.38 (40 miles)
5. Beauvais, France: 75-minute transfer from $18.92 (47 miles)
6. Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France: 28-minute transfer from $11.61 (22 miles)
7. London-Heathrow, UK: 15-minute transfer from $33.70 (14 miles)
8. Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden: 20-minute transfer from $34.51 (25 miles)
9. Paris Orly, France: 30-minute transfer from $9.52 (12 miles)
10. Edinburgh, UK: 30-minute transfer from $6.07 (6 miles)

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  1. 36 mins to the centre, if you are lucky. And very confusing for tourists. The airport express stop is a nightmare to find in the train station.

  2. Well, Nadrazi Veleslavin isn’t quite the city center… nonetheless, getting to the actual center is still cheap (32 CZK) and doesn’t take much time, I’ll give them that.

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