Prague’s Václav Havel Airport to Get Centralized Security Checkpoint

via Vanderlande
via Vanderlande

If you’ve flown out of Prague’s Václav Havel Airport in the past, you might have noticed an unusual security measure.


Instead of going through a centralized security screening, passengers instead proceed to their individual gates for an isolated security check.

This can be a minor nuisance, with a lack of seating at each gate meaning that some passengers will have to stand after passing through the security checkpoint. If you need to use the restroom, you’ll need to leave the gate and pass through security again.

Departure delays can lead to a less-than comfortable experience in a cramped gate without facilities.

But that will change later this year: Václav Havel Airport’s Terminal 2 has recently been undergoing some extensive reconstruction, and one of the new upgrades will be a new state-of-the-art centralized security screening zone.

The new security are is part of a series of Advanced Passenger Checkpoint projects from Vanderlande, who have unveiled similar systems at airports in Las Vegas and Keflavik (Iceland).

One of the features of the new security screening is an automated SCANNOJET tray system, which moves along with passengers at a leisurely pace.

“Prague has invested in eight 18m SCANNOJET systems in combination with eVelocity software,” stated Vanderlande’s Andrew Manship in a press release. “The latter will initially be used to perform localised searches at the checkpoints, and, at a later stage, Prague will use a fully remote screening facility.”

“Vanderlande’s APC solution is a seamless system that combines a modular, state-of-the-art automated security lane with remote screening. This will allow Prague’s screening agents to share the workload, counter the effects of traffic variation, and significantly improve their operational efficiency.”

The new 12-lane centralized security checkpoint at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport is expected to begin operation this summer.

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