Six Fun Ideas for Teambuilding in Prague

What’s the best way to increase cooperation in a corporate environment?


Teambuilding can be tricky. Every workplace has friction; every group of workers has its problems. With luck, these problems can be smoothed over, and the workplace, if not exactly friendly, can at least be a civil one. Companies are increasingly turning to external coordinators to create events that, they hope, will foster goodwill among their workers. Here are a few such teambuilding companies.

Passion Chocolate

If your group contains no more than 21 people, you can book a chocolate-making event with this company. The participants will be able to sample several types of dark chocolate and make their own chocolate bar to take home. The evening also includes a lesson on recognizing quality chocolate and background on the history of everyone’s favorite sweet treat. The website is in Czech, English, and Russian.

Treasure Hunt Prague

Just as the name says, this company takes its clients on a treasure hunt through the city. Participants are divided into teams and given an information pack. They are then turned loose to hunt for the “treasure”. Hunts are 1.5 to 2.5 hours long, and take place in the Old Town. At the end of the evening, the participants meet at a restaurant and prizes are awarded. The website is in Czech, English, German, and French.

Chef Parade Cooking School

This company has one studio in Žižkov and one in Holešovice at which a teambuilding event can be held; the employees can also come to your location to teach your team a thing or two in the kitchen. The minimum number of participants is 5; the maximum number is 120. Participants will be divided into teams, and each team will be given a different dish to prepare. The lesson time is 60 to 80 minutes.

Prague Adventures

Teambuilding events are divided into “Purposeful” and “Fun”. The “Purposeful” events include a rope course, shooting a short film, rock climbing, and cooking. The “Fun” list is longer. It includes murder mystery evenings, mountain retreats, wine and beer tasting competitions, canoeing/rafting, cocktail making competitions, a treasure hunt, and paintball. Company events are also offered, including accommodations, transportation, and catering. The website is in Czech and English.

Fun in Prague

The events offered by this company are guaranteed to get the adrenaline racing. Activities include bungee jumping, indoor and outdoor paintball, skydiving, water skiing, horseback riding, and driving a tank. The website is in English and German.

Czech Events

One of the teambuilding events here is a James Bond-themed game in which the teams must work to solve an important international mystery. Another one has the participants playing the role of prisoners in a castle, who must unite to break out of their prison. And the third deals with the ever-popular game of surviving a zombie apocalypse. How would you survive if those around you turned into flesh-eating monsters? Find out for yourself. The website is in Czech, English, Slovak, and German.

Erin Naillon

Erin Naillon

I am an American living and working in Prague. I freelance in various areas, including photography/film, voice work, and, of course, writing.
Erin Naillon
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I am an American living and working in Prague. I freelance in various areas, including photography/film, voice work, and, of course, writing.