This Spring, Prague Metro Is Getting a Little More English-Friendly


While it won’t take new residents too long to figure out how to navigate Prague’s excellent metro system, it can be tricky at first – especially for tourists in the Czech capital.


For years, the majority of signs throughout Prague’s metro stations have been in Czech only. But this spring, that’s about to change.

Prague’s Public Transport Company DPP is currently replacing signage throughout the metro system network.

The new batch of signs in the Metro B line, for example, contain English translations of terms like Výstup (Exit), Výtah (Lift), Kolej (Track), and Směr (Direction).

“We are currently completing the addition of English translations to other information boards across the Prague Metro network,” DPP spokesperson Aneta Řehková told

While some existing signs at the selected metro stations feature English translations of text, the new project will widen the scope across the whole network. It’s a continuation of a project to make Prague Metro more English-friendly that began five years ago.

While some stations already have the new signage, the project of replacing signs throughout all stations is expected to last until May.

Also this spring, information within the metro cars about the next stop is also expected to be delivered in English.

Old signs:

New signs:

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

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Daniel Lee