Still a Summer Hangout? The State of Prague’s Náplavka for 2018

Last week, great controversy was sparked in Prague with the announcement of the closure of some of the bars at the city’s riverbank embankment Náplavka, a hotspot for summertime fun.


Contrary to some reports, Náplavka will not be “closed” this year.

However, three of the embankment’s most popular bars have been shuttered this season as the city prepares major renovations to the interior locations that housed them.

Those include two bars run by Bajkazyl, who took to Facebook with their displeasure with the city last week, and a third location run by Party Grill Boat and Garden Coffee.

Work will commence at the locations from April 22, but the areas have already been cordoned off. At the moment, however, Prague is experiencing some record high temperatures, and visitors are returning to the riverside hotspot.

So where does that leave Náplavka for 2018? On Tuesday, reporters from Blesk toured the location to find out what the area still has to offer.

At the moment, there’s a single venue serving up drinks on the physical Náplavka embankment: the Vltava restaurant, which is experiencing a huge surge in traffic this week. On Tuesday evening, the venue poured over 700 pints.

There are also a few boats that double as bars serving up beers on the water, including Pavla at Rašínovo nábřeží and Avoid and Oliveira at Výtoň.

The Blesk team didn’t have much luck at the bar boats, queuing up for 20 minutes for a beer on the Pavla and 10 at the other locations. As the area is now, they recommend grabbing drinks at a convenience store and bringing them to the riverbank.

Of course, things are likely to change during the summer season with more boats expected to dock at Náplavka; it’s conceivable that the city might allow for some more land-based operations away from the construction zone, given the negative feedback that has so far been received.

But as temperatures hit the mid-20s this week, current options at Náplavka are limited.

Blesk provided a rundown of beer types and prices at Náplavka’s current venues:

  • Restaurant Vltava: Gambrinus 10° (26/40 crowns for .3/.5-liter), Pilsner 12° (50 crowns for a .5l)
  • Pavla Boat: Lobkowicz 11° (34/44 crowns)
  • Avoid Boat: Rychtář 11° (27/38 crowns)
  • Oliveira Boat: SuperBock (55 crowns for .33l)
Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

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Daniel Lee