Surf The Vltava with Žluté lázně.

“Wiping out is an underappreciated skill.” – Pro Surfer Laird Hamilton

“There are a million ways to surf, and as long as you’re smiling you’re doing it right.”Unknown Author



If you’ve been following my posts at all you’ll know that I am a bit crazy about all the cool stuff on offer at Žluté lázně. As a native Californian, any place that offers the feel of a beach in this land-locked country is very, very welcome.

With Summer 2019 slipping away from us (we’re even throwing a farewell party for the season that you should definitely come check out – details here), I thought you might like to hear about one last cool thing Žluté lázně offers before we all settle in for those cold, dark winter days. Get ready for…


If you’ve looked around the Žluté lázně website at all (and you should) you’ll note that they have any number of great rentals and activities, but this one may be their most unique. When one thinks of Prague, one does not usually think of surfing… and yet, for the brave among you, you can actually surf the Vltava River. No, really! Check out the image below:

Image courtesy of Žluté lázně

That’s crazy, right? Not for the faint of heart, for sure… but if you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie (and especially if you have experience surfing, skating, or snow boarding) you might want to give it a shot!

While you may look at that image and think, “this is only for pros,” you’d actually be wrong.

“Because of its ease of use, it is suitable for everyone,” explains Petr Hozák, Operations Director of Žluté lázně, who began providing the eFoil in March of this year. All it takes is a willingness to get out there – and Žluté lázně will even provide the wetsuit!


When you arrive at Žluté lázně you’ll watch a quick safety video and fill out the rental contract. One half hour training session costs 1200 CZK during which a trained instructor will take you through the basics (hint: stable speed is the key!) This is a great price – for comparison, the same experience in Ibiza would cost nearly 12,000 CZK(!)

The eFoil is operated via a small controller/joystick you carry in your hand which uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the board in real-time (don’t worry – if you drop it, the controller floats). “The controller has a number of safety features built into it, including turning the engine off when the joystick is released,” adds Hozák.

Not unlike surfing, you begin by laying down on the eFoil board. While in this position you can get a better sense of the controller itself. The eFoil itself is sturdy and made of high-quality materials. It features an anti-slip coating on the surface to help you stay on and allow easier handling capability… but you’ll need to keep your balance, of course! For most people, it takes about 30-40 minutes to fully get the hang of it, but if you have more experience you may be faster.

Standing up on the eFoil is the same as standing up on a surfboard – you have to pop up. Staying up is a combination of balance and speed.

Image courtesy of Žluté lázně

If you’re not experienced you’re probably thinking, “come on… I can’t do that!” But you can! Anyone can do this! If you’re the nervous type or if you have kids who want to try it (12 years-old and up), you can ride in the prone position or even on your knees (it’s easy to control from either).

For this reason, even those with disabilities can ride the eFoil – the good folks at Žluté lázně collaborated with the Journey To A Dream project to make the eFoil handicap accessible (you can find a video of a badass named Gabina Knapová, who doesn’t have the use of her legs, riding here).

Still not convinced? Maybe you can psyche yourself up by watching this video:


So… Are you curious? Brave? Are you an adrenaline junkie or an experienced surfer who’d like to surf… in Prague? Look no further than Žluté lázně! Head over to their booking system and get yourself the eFoil experience! It’ll definitely make for a good story and some awesome Insta shares!

Shaun O'Banion

Shaun O'Banion

Shaun O'Banion is a Gotham Award-winning independent film producer, writer, and teacher who has been living and working in Prague since 2015.
Shaun O'Banion
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Shaun O'Banion is a Gotham Award-winning independent film producer, writer, and teacher who has been living and working in Prague since 2015.