Prague Supertips: The Coziest Places this Autumn

The best cafés, sweet shops or the best hot chocolate in and around town during Prague’s busy if rather rainy season by the author of Prague Superguide (Míra Valeš, with photographs courtesy of Nikolas Tušl, Mark Prethero, Barbora Součková, and Míra Valeš)


Windy autumn in Prague is upon us. And it asks for a cozy spot or a café, warm drink and a cake. Pronto! So here are few of my personal favourites and the reason why these are in opinion extra “hygge” and why you should perhaps try them, too.

  1. Kavárna, co hledá jméno

A collective of young socially conscious entrepreneurs got together in Prague’s Smichov to open this supercute café in the old beaten yard. If there is a pinnacle of coziness, it must be their abandon leafy garden with a chestnut tree, the entrance to the café. They serve coffee, cakes and hearty sandwiches as well as soups and the place has become very quickly one of the most beloved spots in this area.

Kavárna, co hledá jméno

Address: Stroupežnického 10, Praha 5,

  1. Tricafé


Hidden on the small square only steps away from annoyingly busy Charles bridge path, this is easily one of my most favourite cafés in Prague. Reason lies with the owner of this place who runs his business with an aura of positive attitude and a constant smile on his face. If it is people who create a vibe then Tricafé is the proof of it. But the café has one extra quality – its location, the quiet and beautiful Anenské náměstí which is easily my favourite place in the very heart of Prague.

Btw, good observers can found a rather hidden small art piece of renown David Černý, on the square, too. It’s a shiny embryo placed on the nearby Na zábradlí theatre building.

Address: Anenská 3, Praha 1,

  1. Simply Good

Simply Good

If you crave cakes and sugar, Simply Good is the place where you can get an easy refill. The shop is run by Hana, an economist who turned a baker when her previous career stopped satisfying her and she felt she needed a change. And what a baker, I must say! I am a loyal advocate of Central European sweats over French or indeed Anglo-American (though I love my carrot cake) baking tradition. And for a reason – Czechs, Germans or Austrians use a plenty of fresh fruits, variety of nuts, dark fortified prune “povidla”, quark and much more where other cuisines tend to repeat a mantra of plenty of sugar, double cream or chocolate. And in local baking goods, Hana offers her expertise – perfect flat Moravian frgále, Moravské koláčky (Moravian colaches), Linzer cake with quark. Simply Good’s cakes are as close to “home made” as you can get.

Address: Sokolovská 146/70, Praha 8,

  1. Kavárna Šlágr

Kavarna Slagr

Another spot for a instant sugar fix is located at the very beginning of Vršovice neighbourhood. The family café specialises in classic cakes such is Sacher torte. Their cake cabinet makes me salivating as I write this. But it’s not only the sweets I come here for. I love the fact that the owner stubbornly play only old swing records and refuses provide with a wi-fi. So this café is the one you will rarely see an open laptop at. People snack and talk to each other, just like they used to in the past.

Address: Francouzská 72, Praha 10,

  1. Café Letka

Café Letka

Charming all year round but it’s slightly run down look make it somehow particularly good for the fall.

The relatively newly opened café can be found at the foot of Letenské sady nearby NTM (National Technical Museum) and offers perfectly balanced combination of evening bar and a day café.

It might also be because of their bookcase full with books and magazines for exchange. Because when is there a better time to cuddle in with a book and forget about the world then in the fall?

Address: Letohradská 44, Praha 7,

  1. EMA Espresso Bar


The super popular café is not necessarily the cosiest place but it has something I came back for several times when the weather wasn’t at its best – perfectly sweet, smooth hot chocolate! I was surprised when I ordered it for the first time because cafés who obsess over coffee often don’t pay that much attention to other products but EMA’s hot chocolate is heavenly.

Expect casual setting, over counter orders and very trendy crowd.

Address: Na Florenci 3, Praha 1,

  1. Choco Café

Choco Cafe

Since I already mentioned a hot chocolate I couldn’t miss this place as it is an informal kingdom of this sweet brew in Prague. Try their super dark hot chocolate with ginger or chilli. In my opinion, it is best to be accompanied with a plain croissant which they serve here, too.

The café has the very classic, satisfying charm of old-school Austro-Hungarian café house and it’s almost entirely dedicated to variations on hot chocolate. If you feel like you need a pick up snack, their hot chocolate is perfect for the season. And note, you know how they say hot chocolate enhances sexual appetite? I have tried it and I can only approve!

 Address: Liliová 4, Praha 1,

Míra Valeš
Míra Valeš is the publisher & author of Prague Superguide, the first honest no-nonsense guide book to Prague curated by locals. For enquiries, distribution or direct orders, contact [email protected].
Míra Valeš
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Míra Valeš is the publisher & author of Prague Superguide, the first honest no-nonsense guide book to Prague curated by locals. For enquiries, distribution or direct orders, contact [email protected].