The Week of Pride: Prague Events for August 3rd – August 9th

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3.08, Monday

Prague Pride Festival Opening at Střelecký Ostrov starting at 18:00.

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Strelecky Ostrov, the slender island snug between Narodni Divadlo and Ujezd, finds itself hosting the grand opening night of the Prague Pride Festival today. The annual campaign raising awareness for the LGBTQ+ community will be kicking off their week of events with an uproarious festival featuring an eclectic mixture of sounds, from Czech rapper Hellwanna to Jazz musicians Lace Manusha, promising to appeal to all kinds of audiences throughout the evening. Find out more about what they’re hosting this week, from socio-political discussions to Drag Shows, at the link above!

5.08, Wednesday

Movie showing, Bob Dylan Biography, at DOX Museum’s EverGreen Summer Cinema starting 21:00. Entry 120kc.

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If the words “roof”, “grass”, “museum” and “blimp” don’t seem like they could describe the same place to you, then it’s time you visit Prague’s Museum of Contemporary Art. While the museum itself is worth spending the day in, for the first time ever they’re offering regular outdoor movie showings on their grass-covered rooftop with they’re insta-worthy Gulliver Airship in the backdrop. Not only is this the only herbivore-friendly rooftop cinema in Prague, but this Wednesday they’re showing the star-studded Bob Dylan biography “I’m Not There”. Even if the venue hasn’t hooked you yet, this biopic features Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, and Heath Ledger all in the same role – as Bob Dylan – and promises oscar-worthy performances.

6.08, Thursday

Blood, Love, & Rhetoric’s Comedy Brew at Maze in Tchaiovna starting at 7:45pm.

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This professional English Theatre Group has a talented international cast with over 10 years of experience working in Prague. As an electrifying improv group in an equally eclectic and exciting venue, you can catch their comedic performance in person or through live broadcast. If you’re someone who prefers seeing the action up close, make sure to book your tickets quickly as spacing is limited!

7.08, Friday

The Gay Agenda (stand up show) at Rock Cafe starting at 19:00. Entry from 150kc.

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While 2020 hasn’t given us too much to laugh about, it’s time you take matters into your own hands and finally break free of that Netflix stand up addiction you succumbed to during quarantine – by seeing a stand up show live! Even though this comedy show professes its mission in its title, the Gay Agenda, their true agenda is to make you laugh as a one-of-a-kind experience, being the “largest queer-oriented stand up comedy show in Central and Eastern Europe”. It will be run in English, with an international lineup of comedians that promises to make this a highlight among the Pride events this week

9.08, Sunday

Food Truck Festival at Výstaviště Praha Holešovice from 10:00 to 19:00.

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While out-of-country travel may be hard to do right now, experiencing exotic food isn’t. The weekly Food Truck Festival will be featuring a huge array of cuisine, from Belgium fries to Asian delicacies, that’s just a tram ride away. Even though this week ushers in bipolar weather, wavering between thunderstorms and 30-degree heat, this Sunday will be a well-deserved break to be outside without having Mother Nature get between you and your favorite food truck.

9.08, Sunday

Holiday Flea Market at MeetFactory from 12:00 to 17:00.

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Listening to the same pop playlist blasting over the speakers of your nearest mall while drifting between shops can be downright soul-sucking, if not CIA-level torture. So if you’re looking to escape the confines of Ariana Grande on repeat for an experience that offers a professional DJ mixing tunes as you bargain hunt – all while saving the environment with every purchase, the Holiday Flea Market in Holešovice this Sunday is the place for you. Whether you’re looking for a discount price, or have finally reached the point where your bobble head collection just isn’t as cool as you thought it was, MeetFactory is the perfect place to either fill up or declutter your apartment this summer. You can also reach out to them via the email on their website to book a booth to sell your items from!

No end-date

Exhibition of Andy Warhol at the Central Gallery. Ticket price starting at 120czk.

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Andy Warhol is a name in the pop art world that immediately brings reactions of awe and wonder from those who know him. The 20th century American artist has little known Czechoslovakian roots, and while he is famous for illustrations such as his graphic of the beautiful Maryln Monroe (and the rivaling attractive capture of a Campbell’s can of soup), this exhibition at the Central Gallery explores his upraising in the Czechslovakian Ghetto in the US as well as his relationship with his mother, Julia Warhola. Whether you’d like to beef up your artistic factoids to flaunt at your next dinner party, or are wanting to deepdive into a psycho-analysis of a great artistic mind, this is a perfect opportunity to take advantage on a rainy day.

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Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila
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As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.