This Weekend, Take a Free Tour of Prague’s Hidden Courtyards

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You’ve admired Prague’s baroque Malá Strana buildings from the street, but have you ever seen what they look like from the other side?


This weekend, May 26-27, 14 normally-inaccessible courtyards throughout Malá Strana will be open to the public as part of the Malostranské dvorky event, organized by the same association (Café Ondřej Kobza) responsible for placing pianos throughout Prague’s streets.

During the event, visitors will have the chance to see courtyards, backyards, and other nooks and crannies in the historical Prague district that they may not otherwise get the chance to see.

At each location, events such as classical music concerts, art exhibitions, author’s readings, and more can be seen throughout the day.

A full brochure for the event can be purchased in physical form at Malostranské náměstí over the weekend for 50 crowns.

Here’s a full list of locations that will be participating in the event:

U Lužického semináře 4
Sněmovní 5
Sněmovní 11
Zámecké schody 2
Nerudova 8
Nerudova 25
Vlašská 7
Vlašská 9
Šporkova 10
Loretánská 8
Loretánská 13
Loretánské náměstí 15
Nový Svět 21
Nový Svět

If you’d like to support the event or future actions, you can donate through the Czech crowdfunding platform HitHit.

For more information about the event, see the official Malostranské dvorky website or Facebook page.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

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Daniel Lee