Top 6 Famous Movies Shot in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic with its magnificent castles, gorgeous buildings, and spectacular views is no stranger to Hollywood. Whether partially or fully, many directors chose the Czech Republic as their perfect location for shooting a feature. If you are contemplating how to spend your weekend, think no more – choose a movie from our list and inspect it for familiar sights!

  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

The sensational Marvel movie “Spider-Man: Far From Home” chose Prague as one of its key shooting locations, and we cannot blame it! If you want to follow the root of Zendaya and Tom Holland, take your partner to the Charles Bridge to share an intimate moment (though, likely, with many more tourists!) Some of the scenes were also shot at Hotel Carlos’s lobby in Prague 1, Vinohrady Theatre, and the town of Liberec. Fun fact: the movie references the annual Czech Signal Festival as “The Festival of Lights” celebration, where Spiderman faces the Elementals.

  • Mission: Impossible (1996)

Surprised yet? Mission Impossible featuring Tom Cruise and Jean Reno was actually primarily set in two locations: Prague and London. If you get a chance to watch it (or did so already), you will recognize Tom Cruise running through the Wenceslas square and Phelp’s memorable fall from the Charles Bridge. Many scenes took place at the Kampa island and in Prague 1.

  • Van Helsing (2004)

While not mainly set in the Czech Republic, Van Helsing did feature many Czech locations. As such, you will see the Hradčany Square in one of the scenes. Possibly, the most weirdly beautiful moment in the movie involving Kate Beckinsale dancing with Dracula against her will was shot at the St. Nicholas Church located at Malostranské námesti. Some other locations include the Charles Bridge, Salmovsky Palace, and the Old Town Square.

  • Casino Royale (2006)

Talking about movies primarily set in the Czech Republic: welcome Casino Royale. Its filming took place mostly at Barrandov Studios in Prague. You are right, gorgeous Daniel Craig himself walked the halls of the “British” library (really, Library of Prague’s Strahov Monastery), glided across the “Miami” airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague), and visited the ‘Miami Body Worlds’ exhibition (again, the Ministry of Transport on the outside/the National Monument in Vitkov Park on the inside). Who knew that Prague could be masked as beachy Florida so effortlessly?

  • Euro Trip (2004)

Remember all of the amazing countries which Scotty and his friends visit around Europe: France, Slovakia, Italy, Netherlands? Apparently, most of the scenes were shot in Prague! Even the opening scene, which is supposed to take place in Ohio, was allegedly filmed at ISP (International School of Prague). Some other locations include Rudolfinum (masked as a museum in Paris), Hlavní nádraží (Paris rail station), and The National Museum of Prague (Vatican museum).

  • Les Misérables (2012)

Euro Trip was not the only movie which tried swapping Prague for Paris. The iconic Les Misérables chose multiple Czech locations disguised as Paris, including Hradčany Square, St. Vitus’ Cathedral (presented as Notre Dame), and The Jesuit College in Kutná Hora (the French police office). Take some time and look for familiar locations in the classics!

Anna Zhadan

Anna Zhadan

Anna is a Media and Communications graduate with over three years of professional experience in TV journalism, as well as creative, technical, and journalistic writing.
Anna Zhadan
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Anna is a Media and Communications graduate with over three years of professional experience in TV journalism, as well as creative, technical, and journalistic writing.