Two Great Spots to Get Your Beer On in Prague

By now, if you haven’t yet overheard for the millionth time that the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption in the world – then there you have it – your random fact to show off to all your friends back home or to those who dare to visit.


Why go around Prague and taste beer one by one when you can go to one place and get a taste of many different beers instead?

Here we’ve picked out two places that will help you do just that:

1) Beer Geek

Beer Geek is a bar that consistently offers 32 different beers on tap while also brewing their own beer under the brand Sibeeria Brewery. It seems that this bar offers the largest selection beer from local and foreign craft breweries in the Czech Republic.

You won’t find the typical Czech beer here, though. Beer like Urquell Pilsner or Gambrinus doesn’t make the cut in this place, and it’s all about trying new tastes. With your beer, they also serve kickass chicken wings with all kinds of unique sauce flavors such as teriyaki, peanut butter, and apple barbeque.

This place started off with a bang and the hype has only been increasing. It’s hard to figure out when the “slow” times are in the evening (if there are any), because it’s usually always packed and you may often find yourself standing near the bar or waiting for others to finish their tinder dates so you can snatch up their seats.

This is definitely a place that many expats frequent, since it’s conveniently situated in the heart of the “expat district” aka Vinohrady (Prague 2). Worth it though? If you’re into trying great beer, then hell yeah. The interior is also casual and stylish, making you feel comfortable, entertained and satisfied with your surroundings.

Want to find out more? Check out their website here.

2) Prague Beer Museum

Similar yet different to Beergeek, this pub is the first venue to offer 30 Czech craft beers on tap in Prague. This place is referred to as a beer museum because of the great possibility to try out so many different beers all in one place. The founders of this pub spent a lot of time in the villages around the country, searching for the best craft beers to share with those in the city.

As a new expat or visitor, this bar will often come up in casual suggestions when you and your buddies want to grab a beer – especially if you haven’t yet tried this place out. Many tourists frequent this spot, because of its daring offer of pure variety and local picks. It just makes sense and it’s all about the experience.

However, if you’re looking for somewhere more underground and quiet, this place is not the one.

Want more info? Check out their website here.