Urban Adventures: Cultural Events in Prague for July 27th – 2nd

As the summer begins to reach its ultimate hot-and-sunny form, there has never been a better time to enjoy a special event in Prague. This week’s events – ranging from a city-wide art installation to a night-time movie screening on the beach – offer something for every post-quarantine, over-energized person in the city this July.

27/7, Monday

Marathon, Stromovka Park, 


To kick off our first urban adventure this week – a rare marathon event is happening at Stromovka park for the runners who are ready to test their endurance under the sun. It is also true that the marathon can be for those who enjoy watching others sweat while they throwback a bold Pilsner Urquell while sitting in the shade. Either way, it will be best to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather this week because Autumn is scarily, inevitably just a couple of months away! Normal race starts at 15:30.

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28/7, Tuesday

Yellow Line Cinema, Žluté Lázně

Žluté Lázně, the famous go-to beach of Prague, is hosting regular movie nights in their outdoor venue right on the Vltava. You can catch the Oscar-winning film “The Joker” being streamed this Tuesday night, a perfect way to cool down as the weather forecast threatens 33-degree heat in the afternoon. The movie starts screening at 9:30 in English with Czech subtitles. Bear in mind, there is an entrance fee of 50 CZK.

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash.

29/7, Wednesday

Tai Chi

Truly, there’s no better way to stay grounded than an evening Tai Chi lesson – the ancient meditative Chinese martial art (say that three times fast). Not only is it free and English friendly, but it’ll take place at the historic Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia. Hosted by the National Gallery of Prague, it will start at 18:00, running for 90 minutes: no reservation needed.

Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash

30/07, Thursday

“Fly of Grace”

But if a more sophisticated experience is what you’re looking for, then act quickly to book your tickets for the Czech harpist Hana Blažíková, whose show “Fly for Grace” will feature classical Spanish songs that will be sure to leave you feeling enlightened and cultured.  Czech Classical concert will take place in the beautiful, historic St. Martin Chruch at 19:30. Get your tickets because they’re running out fast!

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1/08, Saturday

Farmers’ Market

Topping off our events this week, we have the incomparable Naplavka Farmers market offering all the fresh produce you need to keep you on track with your summer-bod diet. It will run from 8:00 – 14:00 at Rašínovo nábřeží, Praha.

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Entire Week (and more)

The Landcsape Festival

The Landscape Festival is currently running exhibitions across Prague and is highlighting architectural and artistic installations with an organic focus. Even the stubbornest of art sceptics would have a hard time not being impressed by the 5-story mural of a waterfall placed in Zizkov (painted by Patrik Habl). This cascading masterpiece can be found by downloading the free map on their website, which will also let you find other installations around Prague!Take advantage of the warm weather this week and download the map on their website to find the installations closest to you! 

Photo by Mike Swigunski on Unsplash

Cosmos Discovery

If you’re like me and are still shaking off the ill, claustrophobic feelings of mandated quarantine (and you aren’t ready for anything too sophisticated just yet)  you may need a more unique activity – and being shot into outer space might be the answer. The Cosmos Discovery Virtual Reality experience at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds promises to transport you far out of the confines of your apartment, offering an air-conditioned way to explore the stars. Running until the end of August, it will cost 300 CZK for adults: and there is no need to buy tickets in advance. 

Photo by Giu Vicente on Unsplash

The World of Banksy

For those interested in tapping into their cultural side without getting too tanned, the world-renowned exhibition of Banksy’s work is at the Manes Gallery just until the end of September. Not too sure why this anonymous, political activist’s artwork is worth seeing? His pieces sell for millions of euros while promoting serious and heartfelt social causes – and still garnering rare celebrity-level attention. Even Justin Bieber has a Banksy piece tattooed on his body!

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Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila
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As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.