VIDEO: Honest Guide Reveals Prague’s Biggest Scams

via YouTube / Stream International
via YouTube / Stream International

Stream International’s Honest Guide series on YouTube, created by Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš, has made a name for itself by exposing some of the city’s biggest scams and tourist traps over the past few years.


In their latest video, Honest Guide drills-down on a highlight reel of some of the worst scams that Prague has to offer.

Hopefully, tourists watching this before arriving to the Czech capital will be spared the experience of getting ripped off by crooks on the city’s streets.

Among Prague’s biggest scams, the first mentioned by Janek in the latest Honest Guide video are the overcharging taxi drivers who prey on tourists at the city’s main attractions like Old Town Square.

Need to catch a cab in Prague? Look for the city’s “fair point” taxi stalls or call one yourself to avoid getting ripped off. Or take an Uber.

Also in Old Town Square, Janek notes the food-selling stalls that sell Prague ham and other delicacies in 100-gram increments – giving unsuspecting tourists a heavy, and expensive, plate of meat likely to go unfinished

Of course, a trip to Old Town Square wouldn’t be complete without Honest Guide exposing, yet again, that corner exchange office promoting 0% commission but giving its clients drastically reduced exchange rates in the process.

See these scams and more in Honest Guide’s latest video:

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Daniel Lee

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