You Want Fries with That? Burgerfest Returns to Prague, September 9-10!

Burgers are, it seems, now a firm favorite in the Czech Republic. Prague has a wide range of restaurants that either concentrate exclusively on burgers, or include them in their menus. Debates rage about which burger is the best – which is the meatiest, which is cooked just right, which has the best bun, which has the right condiments in the right proportions.


At Prague Burgerfest, burger lovers can go wild with offers by multiple restaurants. Held at the Vystavištĕ exhibition grounds in Prague 7, this festival (lasting two days) will be the sixth annual event. It will be operated under the auspices of Prague 7 and the United States Embassy. No less a “name” than Jack Daniel’s is the sponsor of this year’s festival. The organizers claim that Burgerfest is the largest burger and barbecue festival in Central Europe.

A map of the festival shows that every place that could be taken by a stand, is taken by a stand. Two stages will be set up for musical acts; one of the performers will be American singer Tonya Graves, who will appear on Saturday.

Those with children will be delighted to know that Burgerfest 2017 will have a “Žirafa” (Giraffe) Zone especially for the kids, sponsored by entertainment park FunPark Žirafa. As an additional treat, children shorter than 100cm will be able to enter Burgerfest free of charge.

Tickets can be purchased online; these purchases automatically enter the customer into a drawing for a free barbecue grill. A two-day ticket costs 100 crowns.

A partial list of participating restaurants follows. Please bear in mind that the items listed are taken from each restaurant’s website, and do not represent the restaurant’s offer at Burgerfest.


This Smíchov-based restaurant’s online menu reads like an ABC of American comfort food – BLTs, Philly cheese steak sandwiches, bacon cheeseburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, nachos, and much more. Buried in the menu somewhere is a veggie burger. The website is in Czech and English.

Pepe Burger & Pizza

The menu includes a BBQ Jack burger (with, of course, Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauce), a cheeseburger with cucumber sauce, an egg and bacon burger, and a chicken burger. Pizza, salads, BBQ baby back ribs, and buffalo wings are also on offer. The website is in Czech only.

Tom’s Burger

Among the burgers on the menu here are a blue cheese burger, a bacon burger with a fried egg, a cheeseburger with herbed mayonnaise, and a vegetarian burger. A few Mexican dishes are also available. The website is in Czech only.

Jo’s Bar & Restaurant

Burgers here range from a bacon cheeseburger with spinach to a shredded beef brisket BBQ burger to a chicken burger to a veggie burger with cactus chutney. The website is in Czech and English.


The burgers displayed on the website are startlingly large. The “French” burger comes with Dijon mustard, blue cheese, and caramelized onions; the “Sunrise” burger includes bacon and a fried egg. There are also a “Mountain” burger (with cheese and slices of potato), a Portobello mushroom burger, and a chicken burger. The website is in Czech only, but the photos speak for themselves.

More info about this year’s Burgerfest can be found through the official Burgerfest website.

Erin Naillon

Erin Naillon

I am an American living and working in Prague. I freelance in various areas, including photography/film, voice work, and, of course, writing.
Erin Naillon
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I am an American living and working in Prague. I freelance in various areas, including photography/film, voice work, and, of course, writing.